Worth it

by Karly Morgan-Smith on September 10th, 2012
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Whenever i leave Cosby with someone i always remind him that i’ll always be back, no matter how long i’m gone, I will always come back to him and this evening i had one of those super sweet moments that make me forget, for just a little while,  all of the crap my kids give me on daily basis.

My dad came by and asked the kids if they wanted to wanted to go to his house for a while and play, and Cosby said yes and Clover her usual gibberish. And and after Cosby agreed he came and climbed on my lap and said ” Don’t worry mommy, I will always come back.”  And i told him ” I know, buddy.  I love you.” and he replied “I love you too mommy.” And then gave me a kiss.

That, my friends, makes all of the tantrums and the crying and meltdowns and the patience and time spent with them letting them know how much i love them even when they don’t show it back, worth it.  Our children are listening and it’s my hope as a mother that what they and all of the other children in the world are  hearing… is love.

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