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by Karly Morgan-Smith on March 23rd, 2012
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I’ve been super lazy about posting our trip to Disney, and i know you guys are desperately wanting to hear!  But i will spare you all the  gory details about the 90 degree weather and all the fun we had and just give you a quick summary and 2:56 video.

PACKING:  Can i just say how much i hate packing!!!  Why do kids require you pack up the whole house just to go on a 5 day trip!?!

AIRPLANE: Plane ride there was OK.  Cosby did great.  Clover was exhausted.  I was kinda of car sick… or plane sick, i guess.  Margie and Libby were so excited to be going on a trip with their children.  (They asked us of we’d leave the grandkids at home because the trip was really about Joe and me but i somehow convinced them to let us take the kids, they do have free park admission after all.)

DAY 1- Seaworld:  Cosby was so exhausted from the trip down here that he only semi enjoyed sea world  but i would say it was a pleasant experience. We got more plastic animals for him in the gift shop, which he desperately needs.  Clover was indifferent and happy as usual.  Joe, as usual, happy but seemingly indifferent.  I was super excited to for Cosby to see the animals and would have loved to have gotten some pictures of me and Cosby feeding the sting rays but mom had my camera and only took pictures of herself :-(

DAY2- Magic Kingdom:  We’ve heard over and over that the Magic Kingdom is so very… magical.  And it is, if you like waiting in long lines in the hot sun and trying to keep your bus of a stroller from hitting the enormous amounts of people, so very magical.  In all seriousness though, it was very nostalgic. And turns out that the kids didn’t mind waiting in the lines and we had a wonderful day seeing the kingdom.  And i would like to shed some light on a certain event that several people have called me out on.  On a certain boat home, i put up a Facebook status and picture that said “On the fairy home” and i just wanted to clarify that i did indeed mean fairy. Trust me, I got D+’s in spelling… fairy.

DAY 3- Univeral Studios:  I LOVE when decisions start with the phrase ” Karly you decide, we can do whatever you want.”  This made me think of my dear friend Andy who always sings to me “Whatever Karly wants…da da da…Karly gets.”  This may be somewhat true but i think generally it’s because i’m the only one with a strong opinion, either that or no one wants to hear me whine, but i’m not sure.  So Karly decided to go to universal because she oh so wanted to see the TRULY magical world of Harry Potter.  And boy was i happy with her decision!  Universal was a blast.  Everyone had an amazing time!  Cosby got to see the land of Dr Seuss and the Dinosaurs and Joe and i got to see the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter and the grandma’s had fun because they got to be with the grand babies.  My favorite part of the day (i’m not sure why i think this kind of stuff is funny, because it really isn’t)  was when my mom threw up on the Harry Potter ride… not once but thrice.  I’m so glad she’s has a good sense of humor, because i would have felt terrible for laughing so much if she didn’t.

DAY 4- Animal Kingdom:  Well this place was great!  The weather was great, the animals were great, the kids were great!  We went on an african safari.  We got to see a 4D bugs life movie (that literally made Cosby piss himself and is still so scarred from it that he won’t step foot in a regular theater). We did a dinosaur dig.  And best of all it wasn’t crowded!  If we do another Disney trip, it will most certainly be this same time of year!

DAY 5- Going Home:  We were so sad to leave, we had such a great time!  We packed our stuff up and headed to the airport to come home.  The kids were great on the flight home.  The only eventful things worth noting is I was “randomly” selected for additional security screening at the airport….agh!! i knew i should have checked my knife stash.


There you have it folks! And here’s 300 some pictures in 2:56….enjoy!


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