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by Karly Morgan-Smith on January 5th, 2012
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Ok, so I still have a blanket.  I ‘m not afraid to admit it… I sleep with it every  night  It’s a blanket that i’ve had since I was 5.  I take it on all of my trips and if for some reason I don’t have it, it’s kind of hard to sleep at night.  I remember being little and chilled with fever and the only blanket that would keep me warm was mine, it was like a layer of sunshine draped over me. No other blanket could replace it.  Over the years I’ve given pieces of it away… some has just unraveled and some have been given to the most beloved creatures in my life.

When I was a little, we had a dog, cuddles, who chased my blanket around the house.  Every where i’d go, Cuddles was there with me trying to get my blanket.  So i, in nice geasture, decided that if she loved my blanket that much that she should have a piece of her own.  I got the scissors and cut out a heart shape the best I could and presented it to her but i could never figure out why she still only wanted MY blanket.  Only later did it occur to me that she was just chasing around a “toy” and she wasn’t really in love with my precious blanket.

Another piece went to my doll.  I was always a motherly type (ask my brother and sister)  and when I got my first Lee Midleton doll, I just knew that he needed a piece of my blanket too, and he was grateful!  And what baby wouldn’t be grateful for that golden piece of cotton?

Another piece went to my Cosby.  When he was born,  I just knew that he needed a blanket too.  My blanket had brought me so much happiness over the years that i thought Cosby deserved to have that kind of happiness and comfort too.  So i went to the store and bought some fabric and satin and sewed it together and presented it to him when he was born.  He wasn’t to keen on the blanket, or any blanket in particular until he was old enough to get ahold of mind.. and it was fate.  He would get it every chance he had…so then,  I cut a piece off for him.

Clover’s blanket did not come from mine.  I was determined not loose anymore of it because by the time we’re done having children, it would be possible that i wouldn’t have any left for my self (and a mother can only be so selfless) .  So I asked my dad about the blanket that i had when i was a baby.  The green blanket that i loved so much.  The one that he hid from me in hopes of breaking my bad blanket habit.  The one i replaced with my golden fleece.  And he kept it all of these years.  So when Clover was born i knew she had to have that blanket.  I gave it to her when she was born and from the beginning she has loved that thing with her whole heart.  Every time she sees it she gets giddy and wiggly and she falls down on it in total love.

We are a blanket family.  And what can i say, my kids got it honestly.  If you ask Cosby, he’ll tell you we have a blanket bond.  And i’m pretty sure that there are more of you out there just like us- lovers of blankets.  Just admit it.  Do you have a special blankie?

Here’s a picture of mine and Cosby’s “remastered” blankets.  Thanks Granny for giving  our blankets another life… i see 20 more years in it’s future!

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  • Emily Maust

    While I was watching this Poppy came over and said “Wheres the boy?”, I said “who Cosby?” she replied “yea Cobsy.” lol.

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