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by Karly Morgan-Smith on January 25th, 2012
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Ok, So if you read one of my more recent post you would know that i’ve kind of been on a crafting kick inspired by an overwhelming amount of time i’ve wasted/spent on pinterest.  I have pin board devoted to Clover’s first birthday party, and several of those things i’ve attempted…some i’ve completed successfully and some i’ve completed not so successfully.  I think this project would go in the later category.

One thing i’ve been inspired by is this blog on baking -and sort of anything else you want to know.  This lady (i presume)  made the most beautiful Rose cake i’ve ever seen, granite it was my first, but I know it’s the greatest.  One that can be done by a simple novice like myself.  In my previous blog post I mention that pinterest, and tutorials in general, should have a disclaimer at the top of their pages that say “THIS IS NOT AS EASY AS IT LOOKS!”  And much to my dismay, this rose cake was no different… nor was the “worlds best butter cream recipe” I tried either.

So while waiting on the cakes to bake i told Cosby a bedtime story and this one took form from my own need to persevere after a failed icing attempt.  And here’s something how it went.

Polly Polar Bear decided to go ice skating one day and she was TERRIBLE!  She skated and twirled and whirled and flipped but she could never do it quite right.  So Polly Polar Bear wobbly skated over to her mother and cried “I can’t do this!  I’m terrible!!  I’m never going to be able to skate well!”  And her mother told her “Polly, you have to keep trying because no body gets stuff right the first time they try.  If you need to improve then you skate back out there and you keep practicing and one day you’ll get it.”  So Polly huffed and she skated back out onto the ice.

The next day Polly and her Mommy came back to the ice and Polly skated some more.  She skated and twirled and whirled and flipped and was TERRIBLE, but not quite as terrible as she was the day before.  So every day Polly and her mom came to the ice to practice.  One day Polly skated and twirled and whirled and flipped and wasn’t so terrible anymore.  She was actually good at skating.  She gracefully glided over to her mom and said “Did you see that?!?  I did it!  I can’t skate!”  And her mother replied ”  I did see!! You can skate WONDERFULLY!”  See, all you had to do was practice a little.  It took some time but you did it!” Polly smiled and said “Mom will you please come skate with me?”  And mother said “YES! But i’m not sure how good i’ll be.”  And Polly Polar Bear and Mother took hands and started to skate out on the ice and then THUMP…Mother fell down on her butt (and Cosby thought this was seriously hilarious!) and she laughed and said “Ooops! Looks like I need to practice a little”

The end.


Well I fell down on my butt with this cake attempt.  And no, i’m not going to make a cake a day until i get better  like miss Polly did with skating but i’ll be back… and maybe next time I won’t be quite as terrible.


I didn’t have quite enough icing

The icing was a terrible texture and WAY to rich (but that’s more the fault of the recipe). How does Betty Crocker get her icing so smooth?


Here are the links to the Rose cake (press here) and to the Butter Cream icing (press here). I would like to invite you to come and “skate” with me and let’s see if one of us can’t master this **** rose cake before Clover’s first birthday party.

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  • PseudoSheaGirl

    I also tried this recipe! The roses turned out fine for me, and thankfully I had enough frosting left…. but you’re right, that buttercream frosting was SOOO sweet.

  • karly

    Glad it turned out for you! I got some store bought icing and tried the roses with that and it turned out much better, still very novice looking =) I think for the frosting i added too much milk, who knows… not sure i’ll be trying it again. For the sweetness i saw a comment on the site saying that someone added yogurt to it and that made it a lot less sweet and a better consistency.

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