6 Month Update

by Karly Morgan-Smith on December 2nd, 2011
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Our little Clovie has been around for a little over 6 months now and wow has it gone by fast!  I look back to the endless days/night (because who could really tell which it which)  and wonder how on earth we ever made it though her newborn days.  I tell you what, I think she was the worse newborn on the face of the planet and those first few months I thought maybe I was a one child kind of mom.  But our little girl has sure shown us!  What a good baby she’s become… a great baby even… even a better baby than her notoriously wonderful big brother (who has now hit his terrible twos and is quickly making up for every good day we had!)  From the moment Clover gets up until the time she goes to sleep she has a big smile on her face… even when she wakes up in the middle of the night.  I honestly never thought we’d be lucky enough to have a good a baby as Cosby, but she is!  Clover Adelaide, we love you so much.  Your bright blue eyes and big smile bring us more joy that you could ever know!

Her 6 month accomplishments…

  • Smiling.  At 4 weeks when I saw her smile at me for the first time, my heart melted!  It made every bad night we had with her totally worth it!  And she has hasn’t stopped smiling since.  She’s the happiest baby on earth!
  • Sleeping.  We had  a really rough start but she now goes to bed around 8:30 and doesn’t get up until around 6,eats, and goes back to bed for a few hours. And, boy, do Mommy and Daddy appreciate that sleep!
  • Sitting up.  At about 4 1/2 months Clover began sitting up and at around 5 she starting sitting up by herself from the belly position.
  • Crawling.  At around 4 months Clover began doing the army crawl, she could go anywhere she wanted (which was everywhere) and at 6 months she finally lifted up to all 4′s and has been on the move ever since.  We never had to baby proof our house with Cosby because he was always so docile and I always knew where he was but Clover is a different story.  She’s into absolutely everything!  And much to Cosby’s dismay, that also includes his toys and his beloved animals-which he is not quite willing to share.
  • Cruising.  A few days before she started crawling Clove began pulling up on stuff, me, her toys, her brother.. whatever she could.  Now she’s pulling up on EVERYTHING…her crib, the walls, the cabinets, our legs, the stairs,  and whatever else she thinks looks like fun.  She’s started walking while holding onto things and sometimes she over-confidently lets go, but that always ends in a big crash.
  • Talking.  I knew from the time she entered this world she was going to be a talker and, oh, was I right.  Her favorite noises to make are raspberries (especially at night when she refuses to go to bed) and Da-Da-which is a new one.  This girl is going to give her big brother a run for his money!
  • Hair.  Goodness she has a lot of hair!

Here are some videos!

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  • Emily Maust

    Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Todd, I was just thinking today about how the atesplos made mistakes and how Jesus corrected them. It further proves the truth of the Bible because if you made up a story about yourself you would make yourself the hero, but because it is God breathed it is in there to show how God corrects and loves us even when we make mistakes or have bad thoughts. I heard this idea as proof of God’s word on channel 40 awhile back. Thanks for your humbleness.

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    Keep writing!

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